Hollice Mapp, better known as Mr Killa is a versatile soca artist and an exceptional entertainer. His unique sound incorporates elements of EDM, dancehall and other genres while remaining authentically soca. His electrifying stage presence defies explanation; it must be experienced to be truly understood.

On Friday, March 1st, 2019, Mr Killa would perform “Run Wid It” in position number 6 out of 8 competitors vying to win the International Soca Monarch title, the ultimate prize in soca music. The competition, which takes place in Trinidad annually, had never been won by a foreigner. Killa went in as the clear favorite and while “Run Wid It” was widely recognized as the #1 song of the season, it was his performance that would seal his victory. There was controversy throughout the competition, with Iwer George, the runner-up telling the audience that it would be wrong for a Grenadian to walk away with the prize money, ahead of a Trinidadian. Undeterred by the few naysayers, Killa boldly confronted the controversy during his historic performance by not only calling out Iwer, but beckoning on Grenada’s Prime Minister to “open the port” as he was bringing the title to Grenada. Mr Killa openly shed tears of joy when he was announced as the Soca Monarch.

Part of the line up for the first EVER Ibiza Soca Festival, 2020 sees the return of one of Socas undisputed Kings…Get ready for the SOCA STORM!!! 


Kees Dieffenthaller has collaborated with major industry talents such as songwriter Desmond Child (multiple Grammy Award winner) who has written songs for Bon Jovi, Ricky Martin and Aerosmith. Kees and Desmond Child joined forces to produce a song for the album of Ace Young who appeared on the fifth season of American Idol.

In 2011 the title song from their fourth Album “Wotless” was one of the most popular songs for Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival. “Wotless” was created through a collaboration between Kes and Trinidadian born singer/songwriter/producer Kerwin Dubois. Kees was crowned King of International Soca Monarch at the International Soca Monarch competition that year. Wotless was also nominated for a BET Soul Train Music Awards in the same year, for the category of best Caribbean Performance.

2020 saw Kes not only take the International Soca Monarch crown with his monster collaboration with Iwer George ‘Stage Gone Bad’ but they also won Roadmarch at Trinidad Carinval…

Always a class act it only makes sense for Kes to make his 2nd appearance at #ISF in as many years! We look forward to seeing live performances of ‘Dear Promoter’, ‘Reason To Love’, ‘Savannah Grass’ and the all conquering ‘Stage Gone Bad’ #ISF2020 will be one to remember!


When you are able to fuse words together and add a melody in all but 2 minutes, you must be international recording artist Lyrikal. Trinidadian born Devon Martin started singing in the church choir at the age 7, once he realized he could actually sing he began participating in school talent shows and neighborhood block parties. As a youngster his biggest inspirations were calypsonian Crazy, Shabba Ranks, Buju Banton, Bob Marley and Super Cat their styles of music helped him to develop his own style.

He migrated to the United States at the age of 13, where he got heavily involved in soccer and track and field, but music prevailed and by age 16 he was back at it, performing at block parties and talent shows, it was fun and he loved it, he even opened for the Wutang Clan at Club Wave and Sean Paul at St George, Staten Island.

Lyrikal although very talented only took his music career seriously in the year 2003, where he started to record professionally. His first recording was at Dainjamentalz studio in New York, where he recorded a track entitled tiger bone. Since then he has managed to be a consistent voice on the airwaves worldwide and is now one of the most sought after performing artiste. His music has taken him on tours to London, Ghana, Guadeloupe, Berlin, Toronto, Bermuda, Amsterdam, North America and the Caribbean.

Lyrikal has built an extensive catalog, and has released several hits. He has received 5 COTT (Copyright Organization of Trinidad and Tobago) music nominations in 2015, and won the award for People’s Choice Most Popular Single. His repertoire consist of over 60 releases including Jammin Sake, Picture Perfect, Freedom, Dip & Roll, Cloud 9, Loner, Conquer Meh, Locked Down, Part Of Yuh Nature, All Over De Gyal, Ramajay, 25/8, Lit, Criiminal Wine, Yuh Blessed, Rude Wayz and countless collaborations with leading artistes, including Konshens, Patrice Roberts, Shatta Wale and Ghanian Songstress MzVee. He released his first album, titled “The Journey” in 2016 and his second Album “All or Nothing”  in July 2018…In May 2020  he will join us in IBIZA for #ISF2020 where he’ll be performing his hits including the dance craze #ZigZag and his latest anthem #Rukshun


Singer, Songwriter Nadia Batson is a true Caribbean girl. As a vocalist, her style is unlike any other entertainer and her pitch resoundingly her own. She owns her territory when she hits any stage and with a collection of amazing soca anthems that include, ‘My Posse, ‘My Land’, ‘No Pressure’, ‘Caribbean Girl’, ‘More Nadie’ and among her latest contenders, ‘Catching Feelings’, ‘FATT’ and ‘So Long’ to name a few Nadia remains a force in the Soca music industry.

She had been mentored by the late, great, Andre Tanker – a Caribbean musician she calls one of her top influencers. She had been a part of Tanker’s One World Contraband where remained up until his death in 2003. She subsequently became a magical part of Kes The Band, singing female frontline vocals alongside the band’s star, Kees Dieffenthaller. In 2011, after years with Kes, Nadia took the plunge, forming her own band she called, SASS. It would be an all-female band, the first all-female soca band in the Caribbean and perhaps the world.

More than a female Soca vocalist, Nadia Batson is one of the best songwriters in the Caribbean. Her client list is long and her songs are almost always hits. In fact, many would remember the songs ‘Sleeping in My Bed’ and ‘Go Ahead’ sung by Michelle Sylvester. Those were both penned by Batson. She has also written for Tizzy out of Antigua, catapulting the singer to Caribbean-wide recognition. Nadia makes her debut at Ibiza Soca Festival this year!


Problem Child, whom you may also know as Johnny Fontainne aka Vincy Bad Boy, was born on the beautiful island of St. Vincent. He spent his early years growing up in St.Vincent then migrated over to the most populous borough of New York City, Brooklyn, which led him to absorb the Hip Hop and Dancehall culture. While Mr. Fontainne kept his Vincy culture close to his heart, including his love for Soca music, his upbringing resulted in an integration of both the Caribbean and American cultures in his music. This fusion is what makes Problem Child so unique, and allows him to stand out amongst the best in the industry. His hard work and creativity in the studio is demonstrated with each track he releases.
Drawing from his own life experiences, he carefully crafts the lyrics to each of his songs. The passion he possesses for music is readily apparent when he hits the stage, and the energy he unleashes in a party drives the crowd, and in turn, their energy fuels his performances.
There is no doubt that Problem Child has put out hit after hit in the Soca industry, catch him performing them at #ISF2020


Trinidad’s Iwer George has remained at the forefront of the soca scene since his career began in the 1980s. A longtime crowd favorite and winner of several soca competitions, he has released numerous hits and remained a constant touring presence throughout the Caribbean, North America, and Europe. While his music is typically uplifting, festive, and party-centric, he has also written songs containing a fair amount of social commentary, touching on racial issues and financial hardships.

Born in Point Fortin, Trinidad in 1964, George began his professional singing career at the age of 21. His first hit, the 1987 single “Boom Boom Time,” came in at second place in the annual Road March Competition in Trinidad and Tobago. His debut LP, Keep the Boom Boom Rolling, appeared in 1988, and a string of singles and albums followed throughout the 1990s, including hits such as “Na Do That,” “Jump and Wine Up,” and “Iwer Dance.” In 2000, George’s “Carnival Come Back Again” tied with Superblue’s “Pump Up” as the winner of the Road March. He has also won (or tied) the International Power Soca Monarch three times since then. He has also ventured into business, launching an all-soca radio station (which has since changed formats) as well as a cruise ship.

Reigning Soca Monarch and Trinidad Carnival Roadmarch king along with Kes for their monster collaboration ‘Stage Gone Bad’ 2020 sees Iwer make his debut at Europes number Soca festival, Ibiza Soca Festival!


Jardine Cherelle Legere also known as “Jadel” is a woman that exudes her passion through music. She’s a former law student, a fashionista, singer, songwriter, pianist and mother.

Like many artistes, it was at a young age (9) Jadel discovered her passion for music on the island of Trinidad & Tobago. Growing up she idolized Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, and the late Whitney Houston, women who would eventually inspire her to write beautiful music. Her first official steps in music began in primary school and church where she spent her time singing in the choir. She sang in the choir well through her teenage years. Like her idols, opportunities for her to blossom came at auspicious times.

As she came to America, she quickly became the lead singer for the popular underground Caribbean bands Surface and Traffik. It was with the band Traffik, she was able to spread her wings. In 2011 she recorded her first demo she wrote called, “Wine on Me”. After working with the band for three years she felt she gained enough experience with her craft and parted ways to pursue her solo music career. She decided to return home to Trinidad where she could pursue music and an entertainment law degree. Jadel loved music but was also passionate about law. Upon arrival home, she enrolled in Beckles and Associate Law Tutors.

2019 Jadel had a North American / Caribbean tour, which was closed out by an amazing performance in New York City. In New York, she opened up for Caribbean superstar Kes The Band, at the world-famous Best Buy Theatre in Times Square. This year has been extremely prosperous for Jadel but 2020 promises to be more spectacular with her new marketing and management team JP Music Group.

We’re excited to see Jadels performance at #ISF2020


Terra D Governor from Grenada will be joining us at #ISF2020 to perform his MONSTER hit Black Power and more!!! Don’t miss this!!!


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